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At Globant we believe that technology is inherently good and improves lives around the world; and since our first days we seeked that everything we do generates a positive impact on society.

However, when tech is misapplied or misused, its impact can be negative. The misuse or excessive usage of tech needs to be addressed to ensure tech is beneficial for humanity as a whole. Society faces huge challenges and we have to be part of the solution.

To reinforce our vision, we launched the BeKindTech Fund, a US$10 million venture fund to support tech startups tackling the misuse of technology in society.

About the BekindTech Fund
Globant launches BeKindTech Fund, a US$10 million venture fund to support tech startups tackling the misuse of technology in society.
As an established tech leader and digital solutions creator, Globant opens a call to receive applications from tech startups globally who are seeking investment and support for their work developing apps, products, and platforms focused on tackling the negative collateral effects caused by the misuse of technology.
Globant Ventures, the Company’s venture capital (VC) arm, will evaluate each submission and pursue funding opportunities to startups via equity or convertible note formats, with investments between USD 100K to USD 1 million on a case by case approach. 
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The scope of the debate around technology’s potential for negative societal impacts and, in turn, the focus of the BeKindTech fund is broad.

Recent events, studies and reports have created broader awareness around the consequences of the misuse of technologies:

Social networks

Misuse of
Social Networks

Innformation Bubbles


Texting and driving

and Driving

AI Bias

AI Bias

Screen Time

Screen Time Abuse

We're searching for tech startups that think the same so we can work together.

The purpose and the ability of each tech project or app to make effective changes in user behaviors and multiply good practices will be key elements for selection consideration.

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Globant wants to support projects with that scope and:

Startups that are developing tech with purpose

Change the world

Founders that want to change the world for better with technology

impact and profit

Sustainable startups that mix measurable impact and profit

Raising money

Startups raising money from early stage to Series A (from USD 100k to +1M)

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